Beer-Battered Cauliflower Bites, a Fitting End for Some Long-Awaited Tub Garden Cauliflowers

After months and months of waiting, 115 days to be exact, my cauliflower heads were ready. At long last.

I had planted these seeds in early May. They grew slowly for about 4 months. Beets, radishes and several crops of lettuce went in and out next to them. They just grew steadily, their heads looking small and loose for the longest time…

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Growing Cauliflower Indoors

Can I grow cauliflower, from seed to harvest, indoors? Yes, you absolutely can. It may not grow quite as large as you might get outdoors, but it will still be decent size, and worth it!

Cauliflower scored a “B-” on our “indoor-garden feasibility” scale, just like it’s cousin, broccoli. Cauliflower was actually fairly easy to grow in the indoor garden, despite warnings that it wouldn’t form heads at the warmer temperatures in my garden. However, like broccoli, it did take up a lot of space relative to the amount of food you get from one cauliflower plant, hence the rather low score. Here is the Tub to Table guide to growing Cauliflower, from seed to harvest, indoors.

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