Vegetarian meatballs in a swedish-style sauce shot from over the table, with serving spoons on a wooden background

The Special Problem of growing bulbing onions Indoors.

And…the frustrated invention of Bulbless-Onion Bulgur Balls.

Onions are a special and unique headache for the indoor gardener, because they are finicky canaries in the proverbial coal mine. Just when you think you are dominating like Mother Nature in your indoor garden, onions will be the vegetable to tell you maybe aren’t doing such a hot job. Growing bulbing onions indoors – and actually getting them to bulb – it turns out, is not an easy task.

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Cabin Life!

Gone fishin’ up in Montana on the Bighorn River!! We drove from our lovely free-stone river here in Colorado, to the tail-water river of the Bighorn near Billings, MT for three days of a different style of fishing. And for “Cabin Life!” as the kids would holler. Over and over. And over. Read on for our indoor garden inspired campfire-friendly vegetarian menu ideas.

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Summertime for the Indoor Gardener

Summertime is an interesting time for the indoor gardener.

Right about now, everyone is starting to grow their own little treasure piles of fresh veggies and flowers. People at my work are bringing in extra armloads of herbs and peonies from whatever enormous and fertile valleys they live in. These super-gardeners make me jealous with their real sunlight and their real bumble-bee pollinators. Ugh.

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Mini-Eggplant Roasted “Fries”

Making eggplant dishes for a family of eggplant-haters isn’t the easiest task. But we just keep finding these little mini-eggplants in the garden like Christmas presents under a tree. What’s a gardener to do? Try out the French Fry model for making vegetables taste less like something that’s good for you…

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Cauliflower Gnocchi. (And a Rambling Discourse on several Gluten-Free Flour Substitutes)

I’ve got two cauliflowers growing in the garden right now. They are almost ready to harvest, but not quite. So I’ve been practicing this Cauliflower Gnocchi recipe a few times with store-bought cauliflower to get everything ready. It’s such an interesting way to use cauliflower, and such a healthy way to make gnocchi. I just can’t get enough of these tasty little things.

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Eoin’s Beach Tacos

You don’t usually see a classic Irish name like Eoin followed by the phrase “Beach Tacos”. Its usually Eoin’s Brown Bread recipe, Eoin’s Potato Stew Surprise, or even Eoin’s Secret Irish Whiskey blend. But here we are. Eoin’s Beach Tacos is the story.

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Indoor Radish Growing guide + Radishes prepared 3 ways

Have you ever heard of “Hero Snow?” It is powder so soft and deep that you can almost ski it without fear or inhibition. It makes you look amazing no matter what dumb move you’re attempting. It makes the gaper succeed where he may have failed before. Radishes are like that. They are a Hero Vegetable that make you look like an expert gardener no matter how much your garden struggles elsewhere. You can use old seeds in a garden with bad soil and pests, hardly take care of them, and you’ll still probably have at least a few tasty radishes in less than a month. And, they are just as willing to get down to business indoors. So, go get yourself some radish seeds and prepare for awesomeness.

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In celebration of Tomatoes: The Vegetarian BLT, or, the MLT

When I was young, my family would drive from Colorado all the way to New Jersey every few years to see my Grandparents and go “down the shore”. We loved the seashore. The red sun setting over the bay, the clatter of the seagulls in the morning, the smell of the grass on the dunes, the feel of my dad’s skin – too coated with suntan lotion to hold on to – as he chucked me into the waves. I remember it all so vividly because I was young. And still to this day, I remember the taste of the New Jersey roadside-stand tomatoes as being like nothing else. You could just chomp into them like a squishy, messy apple. To me, that is the taste of summertime, of vacation, and of my youth.

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