Growing Asparagus Indoors

Can I grow Asparagus, from seed to harvest, indoors? Absolutely. Would I recommend you do it? Absolutely not. Am I doing it anyway? Maybe…..

Asparagus scored an “F” on our “indoor-garden feasibility” scale. Although they are a great little vegetable, and they grow vigorously, I say don’t do it.  On this lovely vegetable I will give you no latin names, no recipes. This is something I’m just not going to recommend for our indoor gardens. This is my attempt:

They have been growing like gang busters for a good 7-8 months. And this is the biggest, best asparagus I have. It’s like two cells of asparagus.  Not even enough to make your pee smell. Honestly, asparagus is probably best grown outside where it can grow wild and free. Because it takes  TWO to THREE YEARS to get an edible crop.  I could hold a place for it and wait but it’s not worth it. Not worth three years. And then you need 10 – 20 asparagus plants per person to make it worthwhile. So, you could certainly start asparagus seeds and then sew them out of doors, but this is not one I would plant in the indoor garden.  Along with corn, pumpkins, watermelon…. I guess it is wise to know our goals, and know our limits. 

Verdict – F. Don’t do it. I love asparagus but they will take years to produce an edible crop and the space is too valuable.

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