What Vegetables Can I Grow Indoors?

The Indoor Vegetable Growing Guide A-Z

What vegetables can I grow indoors? Most of them. What vegetables should I grow indoors. Well, that is a more interesting question. The whole Tub to Table experiment is to to see which vegetables grow really well indoors. What makes sense to grow indoors, what might save money, what saves packaging, what gets food to your table… Obviously, there are plenty of websites and books dedicated to growing vegetables. These pages, however, are dedicated to my experience growing this stuff inside. Only inside.

Growing vegetables indoors has some key differences from traditional outdoor gardening. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. In fact, I’m still making mistakes in my little garden every day. Let me tell you about my mistakes so you don’t have to make them!

Are there any vegetables or particular varieties you’d like to see us trial here at Tub to Table? Let me know in the comments section. Check back often as we are always updating our trials with new varieties and recipes as well!

Beans (A-)

Provider (Bush). Dragon’s Tongue. Toyha (Soy). So far the beans are growing like something out of Jack’s beanstalk! Scored an A- only because they do take up a lot of room in the Tub Garden.

Celery (B+)

Coming Soon Tango. So sadly, the celery was growing gorgeously but got pulled early when we mislabeled it as parsnips. Whoops, gotta start over with that. It is currently at seed stage.

Peas (A+)

Coming soon…Sugar snap, Avalanche (snow) Peas have already been a huge hit with the kids, easy to grow and delicious. Currently trialing 4 different varieties.

Peppers (A-)

Ace, Olympus, Sprinter. The first crop of peppers fell to disease. The second set took forever to finally turn red on the vine. Currently trialing Sprinter and Ace part 2, looking very healthy so far. Results coming soon…

Squash (B+)

Squash. Coming soon. Dunja. Not the most promising indoor crop so far. Working on a new varietal currently that is looking much more promising, but still only predominately male flowers. Results coming soon…

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