Setting Up the Growing Space

Here at Tub to Table, we are all about gardening in the Great Indoors. I have been gardening this way since 2016. This blog is dedicated to the ups and downs of indoor gardening, plus recipes that celebrate those indoor-grown vegetables.

Here, I hope to walk you through everything you need to set up your own indoor growing space. I try to explain it as simply as possible, to encourage others to start up a crazy bathroom garden set-up like my own.

A view of an indoor growing space all set up and ready to go, with lots of green leaves, a potting bench, a seedling station, lots of gardening tools and a chalkboard on the wall.

Everything you’ll need to set up a growing space.

Plants need only a few basic things. Light, water, nutrients, and a space to grow. The downside to the indoor garden is you have to provide everything yourself, but the spectacular upside is you get to control everything.

You won’t need fences to keep animals from munching your veggies. Winter frost will never be able to abruptly end your season. No scorching sunny days will devastate your crop. Nature is cruel, but luckily she won’t be in your garden!

These next few pages take you through the basics of setting up an indoor growing space that can provide plants and enjoyment all year long.


How to make water available and practical for your garden.

Light & Electricity

How to calculate how much light you need and how to do it safely.

A place to grow

How to provide a comfortable environment for your plants, including soil and amendments.

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