Seed Schedules

In the great outdoors, our gardening is limited by the seasons, the day’s length, the coming of frost. In the great indoors, these factors don’t exist. We can plant our seeds for a special occasion bouquet, a meal, a special event, or any idea. With a little planning, we can grow the seeds on a schedule so that we have all of the parts ready for harvest simultaneously.

Here is my list of “Seed Schedules”. These are guides for how and when to seed, transplant and harvest your plants for these special situations. Soon you will be able to click on all of these, but I thought I would start with the one that is most pertinent to our crazy times right now. The Survival Garden. It of course isn’t an actual plan to survive but it certainly has allowed us to cut down on trips to the dreaded grocery store for fresh produce.

  • The Airbnb Bouquet
  • The Interesting Garden for Childre
  • The Sustainable Garden
  • The Special Event Meal Plan
  • The Survival Garden
  • The Salsa Garden

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