Tub to Table is an introduction to gardening exclusively indoors.  This can be a rewarding and productive way to garden that doesn’t have to be ugly or hidden, or even that dirty! It can be a surprisingly tidy, indoor operation. I’ve been gardening this way since 2016 and want to pass along the lessons and advice I had to learn the hard way. When I first started indoor gardening, most of the advice I could find was geared toward home marijuana growers who were gardening secretly in dark, smelly grow rooms that you would never let your kids in to. There was a lot of information out there, but it was very specific to that one crop. I now know indoor gardening can be something to be celebrated in the center of your house, something beautiful. 

When you start indoor gardening, it can be a great way to show your kids where their food comes from. You can control what chemicals go, or don’t go, into it. You can bypass all the packaging and waste from buying produce at the supermarket. You can reduce your reliance on transport of produce or flowers from far away during winter months and farm hyper-locally.  And, finally, you can grow your own vegetables and flowers year-round, without worrying about harsh conditions such as short day length, short growing seasons, hot scorching summers or garden pests.

Here, you will be able to find planning tools, information on how to set up the growing area, seed starting, pollination, irrigation, and guidelines for light and ventilation. I try to focus on how it doesn’t have to be complicated to still work! I’ll keep you updated on the best seed varieties I have found for indoor growing, special circumstances of indoor growing, trouble shooting, the time to harvest for indoor growing (which differs from outdoor growing) and then finally original recipes based on these herbs and vegetables as well. It is truly the whole “Tub to Table” experience.

Welcome to my indoor garden.

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