Summertime for the Indoor Gardener

Summertime is an interesting time for the indoor gardener.

Right about now, everyone is starting to grow their own little treasure piles of fresh veggies and flowers. People at my work are bringing in extra armloads of herbs and peonies from whatever enormous and fertile valleys they live in. These super-gardeners make me jealous with their real sunlight and their real bumble-bee pollinators. Ugh.

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Finding ways to not think about COVID-19.

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the pandemic.

As an anesthesiologist, we get right up in people’s airways. We are seriously up in your business. You would never let us get as close as we do if you were awake so we have to knock you out first. It’s kind of a weird job. But, for the last 20 years this has been a good job and I don’t have too many complaints. Except for right now.

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