Why keeping an indoor garden sterile is so important.

You may have noticed that I start all of my plants from seed. This was one of those “hard-earned lessons” I’ve spoken about. Any time I have been tempted to bring an “outside plant” in to my little garden, I have gotten burned. After bringing home some live roses from a garden store, I sprayed them off with water, left them outside for several days and inspected them carefully before bringing one of them in to the garden.  Sadly, a few days later I had a roaring aphid infestation and had to get rid of most of my plants. 

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Hustling to get this site going.

Please bear with us, we are just getting this site going as of April 1. I decided to do it as fast as I could because of the whole COVID-19 situation. On the one hand, as a doctor, I need something outside of medicine to keep my head occupied, and on the other hand, it’s a great route to having some fresh veggies and lettuces and herbs without having to go to the store. I will get the posts going as fast as I can!!