Even If You Only Have One Lousy Meyer Lemon, You Can Still Make Lemon Bars

That’s right, even if you only have one lousy lemon, you can still make lemon bars. I know because of necessity.

We have a Meyer lemon tree that we’ve been growing indoors year-round. It finally gave us a lemon and you can read all about that here in my riveting article about growing a Meyer lemon tree indoors. That was…

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How To Make An Indoor Meyer Lemon Tree Just Happy Enough To Give You A Lemon

You can grow a lemon tree anywhere in the world, as long as you are willing to bring it indoors for part of the year. But what about growing a lemon tree purely indoors, all year long? Will you still get lemons? Yes. You will. This article will show you how to grow a Meyer lemon tree completely indoors, all year long. And hopefully, we’ll show you how to keep it just happy enough to get a lemon out of the arrangement.

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