Heirloom Bean Update.

Maybe you stumbled on to this site because you were actually looking for a Trump-Hospitalized-For-Covid update. And you are a really bad typer.

Well, this is not that kind of update. This is an heirloom-bean-sprouting-update which is way less intense.

In last week’s post here at Tub to Table, we planted a few of these Rancho Gordo Beans for fun. Here they are, just 72 hours after testing positive being planted.

Here they are again, on day 6.

Close up of beans sprouted in their seedling pots.

Eight out of twelve of the beans which attended last week’s planting event have gone on to germinate positively. That is pretty impressive for something that is meant to be food, not seeds, necessarily. We will obviously continue to update this page if any more of the beans germinate, as this story is rapidly evolving.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to hope that these heirloom beans actually do become magical beanstalks that lead to a castle in the sky. Because things have gotten a little too crazy down here in the real world this week. I don’t even care if there is a golden goose at the top anymore.

Now, more than ever…it is good to just have some nice, normal, indoor gardening to do.

An overview of the indoor Tub Garden.

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